written by Kyle ….

The above graphic summarizes a lot of the current situation and where we are in relation to it. We are physically safe, but emotionally overwhelmed given the juxtaposition of what is happening at the university I have been working at and how life continues to go on in other parts of the city.

The following are views from the station I typically walked through on the way to campus. These are from Saturday (Nov 16th). All my routes to campus were blocked by protestors, so I could only see from afar. At one of the blocked entrances, a protestor was stationed and giving people directions on how to get to the other side and apologized for the inconvenience.

The following are some of the news photos over the past two days (I was not in the vicinity during these). The following is a good summary of events as of today (18th). https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/politics/article/3038152/hogn-kong-protests-tense-stand-between-radicals-and-police

The hard part is knowing what is happening half a mile away, but still living life semi-normally here. People are still strolling around the streets in our immediate neighborhood. We all know what is going on, but feel helpless to solve the underlying problems. Below is a little of what the kids were doing last night.

The following link is a message from PolyU about the situation: