Written by Kyle….

Here is the view out our apartment tonight. Hong Kong people are protesting (see previous post for details) by forming a human chain along many of the MTR (subway) lines and elsewhere around the city.

The crowd in the following video is chanting:
• “Stand with Hong Kong”
• “Fight for freedom”
• “Don’t give up”
• “We want our five asks”

Timothy is sleeping through this just fine since his window faces the side of the building, but Naomi is up watching and asking lots of good questions. We have no worries about our safety. These have been remarkably peaceful protests given the number of people involved and the length of time they have continued to go on.

Other places around Hong Kong

The following are not right outside our window, but show how far reaching and how many people are involved in the protest tonight.

Many Christians are gathering on Hong Kong Island. The left picture is from our apartment and the building on the top right of the photo (white zig-zag lights) is where the gathering is occurring. The video on the right shows a glimpse of them there. It is great to see religious freedom allowing them to gather together as a group joining in with the larger protest for freedom.

Lion Rock is a well known area in Hong Kong that overlooks the city. The lights in the right photo are all the people lining the path to the top.