written by Naomi….

Hong Kong Disney: We got to spend two days there (but my dad couldn’t go the second time because he had to work). My favorite ride was RC Racer (went on it three times). At first, I did not want to go on it, but then I went on it and loved it.

Discovery Bay: The first time we went to HK Disney, we stay in Discovery Bay. We also went hiking, to the beach, and to Epic Land. Our hotel was very nice.

Super Park: This is an indoor play area with rock climbing, ninja sets, trampolines, and other fun stuff. I went to Super Park once with my cousin and once with Flora, my best friend in Hong Kong, and her twin sister Crystal.

Timothy’s music class: Timothy went to a one-year-old music class for the first time. He LOVED it!!! He also loved playing on the indoor treehouse after class.

Visiting maternal grandparent’s grave: It was a good time and a special visit. The hike was fun. Timothy slept through most of it.

HK history museum: This was interesting to learn about the history of Hong Kong and what life was like in the past. I tried to join in with the kids from the past reading comic books. We also got to go inside the antique tram, which was the first form of public transportation in HK.

Hong Kong Garden: We visited the Hong Kong Garden where saw a lot of turtles and went inside of a waterfall.

Cable car to Victoria Peak (and hiking around the top): We took the cable car up to the top of Victoria’s peak. We went hiking at the top. We got a nice view of the city (and saw our apartment). When we were having a snack, a hog came out of nowhere and started snacking on everything in the garbage can. Everybody was looking at it, but it didn’t care.

Book fair at school: The book fair at school was smaller than my old school in Tampa. I still got a fun book. It was called “For My Friend”.

Halloween at school: We got to wear our costumes at school. The whole school joined the Halloween parade. We got candy and had a lot of fun.

Cooking class: We made Chinese sausage rolls and peach birthday buns at the Kee Wah Studio. It was both educational and tasty! Mommy and I had a great time!