Written by Naomi….

First Day

My first day of school was good and very hot. It was so hot that we had to do indoor recess for all three recesses. I was surprised that we got three recesses because I didn’t get that many in Tampa. But, then I found out that each one was only 15 minutes. Lunch was very good. I sat at table 1 row 1. I ate pasta bolognese and a salad. I wanted to have seconds, but I didn’t have enough time to ask. Today we did PE. It was shorter than I thought it would be. We only played one game called kangaroo jump. It is played with four hula hoops on each side and four people on the right and four on the left. You have to jump through the hula hoops. When you are in the middle, you play rabbits, carrots, water shooters, which is similar to rock, paper, scissors. In Mandarin class, we learned how to introduce ourselves. Mr. Li is our teacher. He’s been a Mandarin teacher for six years. On the bus going home, the girl next to me fell asleep and she almost missed her stop, but the bus mom woke her up.

Second day

The second day of school was really good. When I came to school on the bus, there was a little girl on my left and three boys that like to talk a lot on my right. Behind me was a boy that likes to kick my chair, which is very annoying. Today in Mandarin class, we learned motions for hello in many languages including alien languages [Kyle’s translation: the live long and prosper Vulcan sign]. Today we did a scavenger hunt. We had questions on a paper and we had to go around the class and ask the students the questions and if they have the answer, they have to write their name in the box. For math, we made a “Figure Me Out” poster. We had to fold it eight times and then we unfolded it. We wrote things that describe ourselves and in the middle, we drew a picture of our self. For lunch, I had fried rice and a salad. It was really good, but not as good as what I had yesterday. Today, I didn’t want to have seconds because I didn’t have time and also because I was full. We had the first outdoor recess of the year today.